Rampart Institute was a Santa Ana-based non-profit educational foundation dedicated to individual liberty, publications of the works of author Robert LeFevre, and the revival of LeFevre’s defunct Rampart College (1963-1975). First envisioned in the late 1970s by Lawrence Samuels, Robert LeFevre, Richard Deyo, and Kenneth Gregg Jr., Rampart Institute incorporated and received its non-profit 501 (c) 3 status by 1980.


Two 16 mm color films of Robert LeFevre were recently discovered. They were produced in 1970 and recently transferred to a digital format and posted on YouTube in Feb. of 2020.

“A Basis for Morality,” Part 1 (1970)

“A Basis for Morality,” Part 2 (1970)

“The Meaning of Responsibility and Obligation” (1970)